About the band

Norwegian Traveling Band (NTB) (formerly known as the Norwegian All Star Band (NASB)) was founded in 1983 by enthusiast from the musicband community in eastern Norway. The purpose of the band was, and is, to gather members with common interest for foreign travel and playing music.

From the start up to today, the band has been on 11 international trips, and several are under planning.


Earlier visited destinations:
Soviet Union, Italy, present Czech Republic, China, Ireland and Cuba, as well as five times to the United States.

Last trip went to Budapest, Hungary in May 2016, this year we are going to Canada.

All the trips have been very successful both socially and musically, with many good memories.


Norwegian Traveling Band is a bandoffer in addition to your own band

None of the activities will go beyond your band, so all exercises are added Sunday, preferably once a month.

The band is open to all musicians, and the exercises are conducted in Oslo and central eastarn area.
If you are under 18, we would like you to travel with a guardian.

Norwegian Traveling Band is also open to support members (spouse / cohabitant / guardian), so that they can also participate in foreign trips. In connection with our concerts we sometimes have the help of a helping hand, and we hope for the kindness of those who do not play.

How well the band will be depends on who is going on the exercises to join you and that’s what YOU come in!

We have no upper limit on how many we will be, so just sign up!

We are familiar with Norwegian music that most people know from before, and of course music that originates from the country we are going to travel to.